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Valentines Day SMS

For Those Who Are Single On 14th Feb.

A Very Happy Independence Day.

Your Name
Is The Fire
Burns With Red Hot
Flames Of
Eternal Passion
On The
Tablets Of My Heart … 🙂

Valentines Day SMS

A Sad SmS FoR AlL YoUnG Gulz N GuYs..
Dear Buddy DiS VaLentiNe Is CoMiG On SuNdaY.
Ab Kia BoL K GhAr Se NiklO Ge??
EnJoY DiS VaLeNtiNe Wid Ur FamiLy;-)
Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
Treat it gently, please do not break it.
Its full of love thats good and true,
So please keep it always close to u.

Valentines Day SMS

No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know that I LOVE YOU my Princess

with all my heart. Happy Valentines Day.

When u feel alone just look at the spaces between ur fingers remeber that
in those spaces u can c my fingers locked with urs 4ever!!!

Valentines Day SMS

Valentine is a LOVELY day 4 all LOVERS

& i think its also u! Because u r my sweet VALENTINE


Love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile.

Your loving face no one will ever take your place. Wish you a Happy Valentine”s


Valentines Day SMS

My Heart Is Made 2 Luv U,
My Lips Are Made To Kis U,
My Eyes R Made 2 See U,
My Hands R Made 2 Hold U …..
Evry Part Of Me Wants U,
Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just 4 U!!
Happy Valentine”s Day
You”re The Air That I Breath,
You”re The Words That I Read,
You”re The Light That I See And,
Your Love Is All That I Need

Valentines Day SMS

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
Love you, My Valentine
7 Feb-Rose Day.
8-Propose Day..
9-Choclate Day..
10-Teddy Bear Day..
11-Promis Day.
12-Love Day.
13-Hug Day..
14feb-Valentine Day

So I Wish U “Romantic Week”

Valentines Day SMS

What i need to live
has been given to me
by the earth

Why i need to live
has been given to me
by you my valentine

Happy Valentines Day

Roses Are Red,

Voilets Are Blue.

I Hate Valentines Day!

Oh You Do 2!

Valentines Day SMS

On Valentines Day I Want To Tell You This
Knowing You Is An Extraordinary Pleasure
Your Caring Heart Is Always Quick To Give
You are Unique A Rare And Very Special Treasure
HaPpY VaLentiNe DaY
Valentines Day Is Either Of These
Two Things
1) Crying In The Bathroom
Because Your Boyfriend Left U
2) Making Love In The Bathroom

Valentine’s Day SMS

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. As we are, Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day SMS

Sending you my bed to let you rest, pillows to give you comfort and my blanket to keep you warm. I can’t sleep now coz’ I’ve lent you all my things already. Gd nite! I love you.


I finally got my past, present and future tenses correct today. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever! :).


Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you.


The only regret I have is not knowing you since the day I was born – so that
I will be able to spend my ENTIRE life with you.


I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight. I would climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night. Darling I miss you so much.


I have liked many but loved very few.Yet no-one has been as sweet as u. I’d stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.
just for the pleasure of a moment with u.


Wanting u is easy missing u is hard. Wishing u was with me wrapped up in my arms. Constantly think of u when we r apart. Ive got the padlock u have the key to my heart