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Happy Independence Day

Today on 14-Aug-2011, PAKISTAN has its 64th birthday. This song really depicts the history and making of Pakistan

Everyone is happy and celebrating it on its own way whether it is a labor or businessman. Because Pakistan is for everyone. While writing this post, i hear lot of sounds of crakers and fireworks behind me which you can only imagine. In islamabad the famous buildings are illuminated. Most of the people go and see them. Everyone is celebrating no one know any disputes among them.

See in the future, 14-August-1947. the condition of Pakistan. We have no resources but have a great leadership. This leadership had a vision for Pakistan. they want Pakistan and love it more than us. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan done it. with his efforts and with the support of Muslims of the subcontinent Pakistan came into being.

Unity, Faith and Discipline this was the basic message given to us, are we remind it? The message given my Quaid-e-Azam on 15 August-1947 that we are peace lover and lets live other Honorable.

My message is this song and tell me what you hear, are you want to hear it again and again. Are you really love Pakistan. are you really agree with all the lyrics.

I know and agree with all the disputes and problems facing Pakistan now a days. Many people died everyday due to extremism. But if we really want some serious change, we InshaAllah will succeed.  Come and unite to save Pakistan. its time to join the broken pieces, its time to agree the nation. Come without any discrimination. Unite as a Pakistani.

Message from ALLAMA IQBAL:

Quaid said, ” Kam, Kam aur sirf Kam”. Give it a try!

Long live Pakistan. AMEEN!


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | Mera Pegham Pakistan

Love u pakistan.May pakistan live long.Ameen

may ALLAH bless us honest and good rulers for our beloved country AAMEEN

aman ka pegham pakistan


Future of Pakistan

Pakistan, my country, my life.  Now a days every pakistani is worried about the future for the of Pakistan. blasts in Pakistan, the energy crises..  the people only know the crises in Pakistan and that is why the image formed to other countries is bad.

As a Pakistani think

we really love Pakistan?

Any single thing you done for Pakistan?

so my brother and sisters, please put the right image of Pakistan. every person knows the value of internet . all you have to do is put the bright things of your area to world. explore your village and cities and tell the whole world who we are. Share your own culture to others and use the internet rightly.

We are the only who can secure PAKISTAN

i know we cannot deny the bad things in the country, bad things are every were in the world, but we can improve step by step. once we united no one can defeat us.

I hope you find my message


Come and Explore the heaven on Earth

Pakistan is one of the beautiful country in world. no one can deny the beauty of Pakistan. there are all types of seasons here, along with these we have beaches, rives,mountains and deserts.

so come and visit the heaven on earth

SAIDPUR VILLAGE is located in ISLAMABAD near MARGALLA hills. Beautiful site to enjoy, modern village….