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Happy Independence Day

Today on 14-Aug-2011, PAKISTAN has its 64th birthday. This song really depicts the history and making of Pakistan

Everyone is happy and celebrating it on its own way whether it is a labor or businessman. Because Pakistan is for everyone. While writing this post, i hear lot of sounds of crakers and fireworks behind me which you can only imagine. In islamabad the famous buildings are illuminated. Most of the people go and see them. Everyone is celebrating no one know any disputes among them.

See in the future, 14-August-1947. the condition of Pakistan. We have no resources but have a great leadership. This leadership had a vision for Pakistan. they want Pakistan and love it more than us. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan done it. with his efforts and with the support of Muslims of the subcontinent Pakistan came into being.

Unity, Faith and Discipline this was the basic message given to us, are we remind it? The message given my Quaid-e-Azam on 15 August-1947 that we are peace lover and lets live other Honorable.

My message is this song and tell me what you hear, are you want to hear it again and again. Are you really love Pakistan. are you really agree with all the lyrics.

I know and agree with all the disputes and problems facing Pakistan now a days. Many people died everyday due to extremism. But if we really want some serious change, we InshaAllah will succeed.  Come and unite to save Pakistan. its time to join the broken pieces, its time to agree the nation. Come without any discrimination. Unite as a Pakistani.

Message from ALLAMA IQBAL:

Quaid said, ” Kam, Kam aur sirf Kam”. Give it a try!

Long live Pakistan. AMEEN!


How to increase Visitors to your Blog

everyone is worried about there blog, because want more and more visitors. but after a whole day, when they see the stats they shocked. get visitors to the blog is not easy to attain. I remember when i start blogging, there are some hundreds page views per month. But i continue search on net that how to get more and more visitors to the blog.

Web directories are one of the important source of getting visitors. Most of the directories are free to use. they only want from you a link exchange. there are many directories available on internet but for you i complied them in my post.

Remember that tags and description given to directories must be correct because these things matter in increasing the blog visitors.

List of web Directories 200+ :



How to increase twitter followers

Hello friends, today i want to share my knowledge with you about twitter. As we all know that twitter is one of the most common social network and millions of people use it daily. There is a fact about that an average twitter account has 30 to 40 followers.

Most of the bloggers used twitter, they want to increase the visitors from it. there are many paid method used to increase followers but today i want to let you know a free platform. This is basically give and take.

before you increase your followers, follow my tweets :p

hmm is the place where you get followers All you have to do it follow others they will surely follow you. set up a account there or authorize you already twitter account to this application. Here is the game of seeds once you follow someone some seeds are given to you. these seeds are your keys to get more followers. these seeds are given to others when they follow you. Minimum 2 seeds are offered by a twitter user.

below image tell more clearly about this software.

hope you will like it any suggestions that you have are always welcome.


Farrah’s miniatures focus on illiteracy, corruption

‘Waqt K Sath Sath,’ is the title of an interesting exhibition of miniature paintings currently on display at Nomad. The paintings have been made by Farrah Adnan, an associate professor in the department of architecture and design of the Comsats Institute of Information Technology.

High rate of female illiteracy in Pakistan is one of the major concerns in Farrah’s work. Other than that, she reacts to the incompetence and corruption of the country’s politicians, by comparing them with marionettes. In her opinion, they only act according to their puppet masters who are in reality the superpowers and the ones who pull the strings of the nation’s destiny.

Farrah has a marked penchant for beautiful paper. Many of her images are painted on a specially treated ‘wasli’ (handmade layered paper used by miniature artists). She applies decorative papers as the last layer of the painting subsurface or creates the so-called marble effect over it. The structure of these papers becomes a part of the composed scene, like the formation of a landscape or a decorative frame for the central composition, ostensibly hinting at the historical illuminated border. Instead of filling the entire composition field with her painting, Farrah chooses to depict small, independent motifs. The pattern of the decorative painting surface connects and integrates then into the typically dense character. At first sight, her work appears rather conventional due to these formal characters, but exploring the pictures more carefully, a realm of remarkable symbols such as a tree or a pearl, reveals itself.

With their help, Farrah addresses the most critical issues of our age. Farah graduated with honours from the department of fine arts of the National College of Arts, Lahore, in 1999. Her international exposure as an artist took her to the United Kingdom, Austria, Bahrain, Greece, and Iran. Even at home, she has widely exhibited her work in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Jamshoro. She was invited for the ‘Artist in Residence Programme’ by the Austraian Federal Chancellery in 2006, and was also an artist in residence at ‘The Art House,’ in Yorkshire, UK, in 2009. The same year, she won the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Visiting Fellowship Programme as well. The exhibition will continue till January 2.

Some of her work::

Source: THE NEWS