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How to increase Visitors to your Blog

everyone is worried about there blog, because want more and more visitors. but after a whole day, when they see the stats they shocked. get visitors to the blog is not easy to attain. I remember when i start blogging, there are some hundreds page views per month. But i continue search on net that how to get more and more visitors to the blog.

Web directories are one of the important source of getting visitors. Most of the directories are free to use. they only want from you a link exchange. there are many directories available on internet but for you i complied them in my post.

Remember that tags and description given to directories must be correct because these things matter in increasing the blog visitors.

List of web Directories 200+ :




How to increase twitter followers

Hello friends, today i want to share my knowledge with you about twitter. As we all know that twitter is one of the most common social network and millions of people use it daily. There is a fact about that an average twitter account has 30 to 40 followers.

Most of the bloggers used twitter, they want to increase the visitors from it. there are many paid method used to increase followers but today i want to let you know a free platform. This is basically give and take.

before you increase your followers, follow my tweets :p

hmm is the place where you get followers All you have to do it follow others they will surely follow you. set up a account there or authorize you already twitter account to this application. Here is the game of seeds once you follow someone some seeds are given to you. these seeds are your keys to get more followers. these seeds are given to others when they follow you. Minimum 2 seeds are offered by a twitter user.

below image tell more clearly about this software.

hope you will like it any suggestions that you have are always welcome.


Future of Pakistan

Pakistan, my country, my life.  Now a days every pakistani is worried about the future for the of Pakistan. blasts in Pakistan, the energy crises..  the people only know the crises in Pakistan and that is why the image formed to other countries is bad.

As a Pakistani think

we really love Pakistan?

Any single thing you done for Pakistan?

so my brother and sisters, please put the right image of Pakistan. every person knows the value of internet . all you have to do is put the bright things of your area to world. explore your village and cities and tell the whole world who we are. Share your own culture to others and use the internet rightly.

We are the only who can secure PAKISTAN

i know we cannot deny the bad things in the country, bad things are every were in the world, but we can improve step by step. once we united no one can defeat us.

I hope you find my message


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Release Date: July 15, 2011 (3D/2D theaters and IMAX 3D)
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: David Yates
Screenwriter: Steve Kloves
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, David Thewlis, Julie Walters, Bonnie Wright, Kelly Macdonald
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for some sequences of intense action violence and frightening images)
Official Website:

Harry_Potter_and_the_Deathly_Hallows__Part_2 movie poster

Dabaang – Is it worth it?

Dabaang is now India’s biggest opener now with 81 crores earned in just the first week. This title was previously held by blockbuster 3 Idiots.

Dabaang is a blockbuster now and it has gathered some exceptional reviews. However, do you think that Dabaang deserves this success?

I watched the movie few days ago and despite it being very entertaining, I don’t think it’s worth so much attention. First of all, the movie has brilliant songs. All songs are worth listening to and some of them are just beautiful. Secondly, the comedy is great. You will laugh throughout the movie.

It seems like Arbaaz Khan tried to make a movie similar to Boney Kapoor’s Wanted. Today’s bollywood is filled with movies showcasing the modern generation influenced by the West. However, Dabaang and Wanted have brought back the old 80-90s movies back starring action heroes like Sunny Deol. I loved watching Wanted and I liked Dabaang too but unlike Wanted, Dabaang lacks a strong plot. It has several loop holes. For example, when the heroine’s father died, why didn’t she suspect Salman Khan for murdering him? Nonetheless, it is an entertaining movie and you should all watch it with your family

BOL latest Pakistani Film

After a long lull in Pakistani cinema, Bol has finally given the masses a reason to flock cinema halls. Maestro Shoaib Mansoor, who created a furore amongst the public with Khuda Ke Liye, is finally releasing his new film after a hiatus of five years. Bol goes on floors nationwide today, June 24, and the public is as excited as the film’s actors about its release.

The cast includes stalwarts like Irfan Khoosat and Shafqat Cheema. Humaima Malik plays the role of the lead female protagonist and Iman Ali, who also had a prominent role in Khuda Ke Liye, features as a dancer. Additionally, iconic singer Atif Aslam and VJ Mahira Khan make their acting debut in the movie.

The videos of the movie’s songs, which were leaked earlier, have also been creating a buzz amongst audiences. The chemistry between Aslam and Khan is certainly refreshing in the videos for “Hona Tha Pyar” and “Aaj Bol Do”.

The Express Tribune spoke to the two young stars about their experience of working in the year’s most awaited film. Aslam explained why he excitedly seized the opportunity to work in Bol. “When Shoaib Mansoor approached me, he explained that my character will give people a reason to smile and inspire them to speak out. After hearing this, I accepted the role right away,” said the iconic singer.

Aslam, who is hugely popular across the border, preferred Bol over other offers that came his way from India. “The reason why I am popular today in India is because of my initial success in Pakistan. So I will give precedence to Pakistani ventures. Even though I had offers, including one from Mahesh Bhatt, I preferred Bol,” he said.

Aslam, who also features as a playback singer on the soundtrack, confessed that he found acting far more challenging than singing. Yet, he said that he still enjoyed it immensely. “I was so engrossed in acting that I never wanted the shoot to end,” he said.

Even though Aslam’s role of a doctor is starkly different from his effervescent persona in real life, the singer was still able to relate to his character. “I haven’t played with pigeons in a village like I do in the film, but since I also come from a middle-class family, like my character, I am well aware of the hurdles and blessings one has in such an environment,” explained Aslam.

As far as his chemistry with Khan is concerned, the singer fondly said, “I guess only the audience will be able to tell whether we shared a good on-screen chemistry.”

Aslam was quick to add that working with Khan was great off-screen as well. The young VJ also concurred with Aslam’s opinion about their time on set. “It was excellent working with Atif,” exclaimed Khan. “Since this was our first acting experience, we really helped each other immensely. We laughed and sang and just had a great, fun time together.”

Elaborating on her role, Khan said that her character is of a girl from a conservative lower middle class background, living in old Lahore. She is a love struck girl who is yearning to experience the world,” she said. Mahira, who has a glamorous persona as a VJ said that she felt at ease in her modest character. “It was the easiest thing to put on ashalwar kameez because glamour is not really my thing. The hassle-free look was definitely a welcome change for me,” she said enthusiastically.

The nascent actor emphasised that the movie aims to highlight the stereotypes we deal with on a daily basis. “Bol tackles subjects most films don’t dare to venture into. The movie is not controversial but it speaks about the situation that exists in our homes, yet we choose not to speak up about them,” Khan said. “It is a film that will provoke dialogue and that will be an achievement in itself.”

Transformers 3 Weekend Box Office Results

Transformers: Dark of the Moon continues to steamroll the competition worldwide. With the weekend close, day 12 of release, the film has a domestic total of $261 million and international total of $348 million for a worldwide total of $645 million. These stats put Transformers 3 as the highest grossing film in the US of the year. It has a ways to go to pass Pirates 4 international total of $778.9M.Deadline notes that thanks to these numbers, Michael Bay once again will make between $80M to $100M off the third film. With these kinds of numbers, you can see why Bay ultimately chooses to ignore the critics and focus on the numbers.

DOTM earned $47 million in the US box office for a 52% (as expected) compared to last weekend but less than ROTF’s 61%. TF3’s US sales also continues to lag behind TF2’s totals at $261M to $293.4M but the low drop in box office indicates it may be able to make up the difference over time. This will be the last time Transformers 3 is number 1 at the box office as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 takes the spotlight next weekend. Regardless, it is international sales and ability to withstand the Harry Potter onslaught that will determine if this film can break the $1 billion threshold.

Sonyericsson Latest mobile (Satio mobile)

Here is the latest Sony Ericsson Satio mobile launch in market with including excellent features this is the latest features of amazing mobile you can easily use it for your business and daily professional use.

It is available in slim design with attractive color this is the best quality of latest handset. Sony Ericsson is the finest company which offers several varieties of mobiles in market.

The latest Sony Ericsson Satio is supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS/HSDPA 850/900/2100 and it is available in three exciting colors like Bordeaux, black and silver.

It has including many exciting functions such as FM radio with RDS you can easily enjoy lots of songs anytime also its size is 112 x 55 x 13.3 mm, WebKit web browser, 128 MB Phone memory, SanDisk microSD Memory Card Support, 12.1 megapixel camera, 16:9 widescreen, face detection, Gesture control, HD and 3D games, On-screen QWERTY keyboard, S60 5th edition Symbian OS.

It has excellent 12.1 megapixel camera you can easily snapping wonderful pictures also insightful touch focus and Xenon flash. It has also including Bluetooth stereo (A2DP). This is such a great offer of SONY Ericsson mobile you can easily use lots of functions of this excellent handset!

Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman mobile review

It’s no news any more that we’ve been playing with one of the hotties of the season for some time now. Sony Ericsson W980 made a glorious entrance but we’re yet to see about the exit. Set to top the Walkman feature phone lineup, Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman carries along 8 GB worth of storage, a 3 megapixel camera and a built-in accelerometer. The touch-sensitive keys and the latest Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman feature phone interface add to the excitement. Still not interested? Then try to think of another music phone with a built-in FM transmitter

for Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman as time has come for us to part with Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman, we are left with quite positive impressions. The latest Walkman clamshell has a really nice feature-pack and great user interface to back it up.

The camera functionality was the only serious disappointment – the lack of auto focus and the ridiculous camera interface are anything but appropriate for a high-end such as this one.

However the Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman manages to flaunt a number of unique extras that make it stand out. The piano black front, light effects and the FM transmitter are not something to find on every other phone out there. Identity is getting more and more crucial in the overcrowded mobile market. That alone is enough for a well deserved pat on the back for Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman.

The only reason for a cool-off is the lack of information about the expected price of Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman. We can’t help anticipating a rather hefty price tag on the new Walkman flagship. This might just be enough to throw it in the pool with some big sharks and we are not quite sure if the Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman will make it there. We do like it enough though to hope it proves us wrong.

Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza

Very good news for pakistanis and all muslims. Both will merry each other in APRIL.

 May they live long.God bless you malik bhai