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Vitellius to Vespasian

1. After the news that, Otho’s suicides , the Senate recognized Vitellius as the new emperor of Rome. He accept this post and moved towards city. As he was new, so he faced many problems.
2. The city peoples get worried when Vitellius chose the anniversary of the Battle of the Allia, that took place in 390 BC  to accept his office. The Romans viewed this as a day of poor support according to superstitions. The events would prove the superstition true
3. Celebrations were started with feasts, banquets, and parades that sent the imperial treasury plummeting towards bankruptcy. Debts started to mount.
4. Money was the basic need so those who had lent out money started to demand repayment of funds.
5. As there was already shortage of money, so Vitellius strart torturing their people and threatened them. The financial state of the Empire was chaotic, but that didn’t stop Vitellius from killing citizens who threatened his claim.
6. One other way, he started to invite the people who claimed their money to their palace, with promises of power, but they murdered them in the palace. He was just trying to keep the mouths close of the people.
7. During this time,  the legions stationed in the African province of what it now known as Egypt, Syria, and provinces in the Middle East, were pushing to have Vespasian take over as emperor.
8. In 67, Nero had given Vespasian a special command in Judaea and asked him to stop the Great Jewish Revolt. As a result, he gained support from the governor of Syria, Gaius Licinius Mucianus.
9. Now the two forces are combined and were against Vitellius. The forces that gathered out of the Judaean and Syrian legions were powerful and together, they marched to Rome under the command of Mucianus.
10. Vespasian made a trip to Alexandria, where he had been named the emperor on July 1. Because of this, he was able to gain control of influential grain supplies from Egypt.
11. Now the army almost reached the Rome. With enemies surrounding him, Vitellius tried one last time to win back the city with bribes and promises of power. He attempted to levy by force several allied tribes, such as the Batavians, but was not successful.
12.  As The Danube army proceed more close to Rome,  Vitellius realized that his life was heading into dangerous territory.
13. He felt that his last chance was to negotiate a truce and establish talks of peace. He sent emissaries that were accompanied by Vestal Virgins to stall for time. However, messengers alert the emperor that the enemy had already reached the gates of the city.
14. Now he was ready to flee the city. Many mistakes are done by Vitellius. But the last mistake was that he  went into hiding and  decided to visit the palace one last time. This was a fatal mistake, as he was caught by Vespasian’s men and killed.
15. On the following day, the Senate acknowledged Vespasian as the new emperor. The date was December 21, 69, and Rome had officially seen four different emperors before the end of the year.


Roman Civilization | Positive and Negative aspects

There were many aspects of roman civilization, i.e. they had good architecture, town planning, government, democracy, army etc. Despite of all these aspects, I like paintings and their used by the Romans as well as their social system.

Romans had a great interest in art, like paintings, sculptures, metalwork, pottery etc. No doubt, there artwork was mostly copied from Greeks, but they also used their own creativity in this field. The paintings made by them are mostly theme based i.e., portraits, still life, scenes from everyday life etc. Romans developed more originality in their paintings as compared to their sculptures. The paintings contain pleasing colors, which in many of the paintings still remains fresh and vivid.

Triumphal paintings were also introduced by Romans. These types of paintings include their military success, episodes from the war and conquered cities. This type of paintings enhances the significance of landscape paintings. These paintings sometimes tended towards perspective plans. Triumphal paintings also had the aspect of documentation. Romans used to write their war planning and success through paintings. So the use of paintings in this way was taught by them.

Another important thing is socialization, that they had outdoor events, games, festivals, childbirth, marriage, and funerals.

Both slavery and cruelty were negative aspects of roman civilization. There were the markets where they sell slaves. This is because the law which stated that a father can sell their son if he need money. And if the slave married and had children, the children would automatically become slaves. Cruelty on woman were also the common practice as they did not given any right in education, work etc.

So even Romans had a good government and all the technologies. They had the great artists, scientists etc but they lack the basic rules, the rules of human rights. The rules I want to change, everyone should be equal and have equal rights.

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Basic Drawing tips

hello friends how are you. hope u all are fine and in good health. todays, i want to give some piece of advie on drawing. making a live drawing or sketch is not so diffucult as it seems. good observation is the basic thing. first made a lighter sketch of your object and try to make it according to proportions with other things.

for example if you make a drawing of table and chair both should be in proportions with each other

the most important thing is to make a  3D drawing. always keep in mind this rule . the side from where light falls on object is lighter and opposite side should be darker. try to use the light and dark tones of pencil and not to fill all the shadings just use your pencil in different tones.

i hope you should enjoy more after reading this article on drawing and will made a good drawing than before.

Allah Hafiz and GOD bless you all.