Roman Civilization | Positive and Negative aspects

There were many aspects of roman civilization, i.e. they had good architecture, town planning, government, democracy, army etc. Despite of all these aspects, I like paintings and their used by the Romans as well as their social system.

Romans had a great interest in art, like paintings, sculptures, metalwork, pottery etc. No doubt, there artwork was mostly copied from Greeks, but they also used their own creativity in this field. The paintings made by them are mostly theme based i.e., portraits, still life, scenes from everyday life etc. Romans developed more originality in their paintings as compared to their sculptures. The paintings contain pleasing colors, which in many of the paintings still remains fresh and vivid.

Triumphal paintings were also introduced by Romans. These types of paintings include their military success, episodes from the war and conquered cities. This type of paintings enhances the significance of landscape paintings. These paintings sometimes tended towards perspective plans. Triumphal paintings also had the aspect of documentation. Romans used to write their war planning and success through paintings. So the use of paintings in this way was taught by them.

Another important thing is socialization, that they had outdoor events, games, festivals, childbirth, marriage, and funerals.

Both slavery and cruelty were negative aspects of roman civilization. There were the markets where they sell slaves. This is because the law which stated that a father can sell their son if he need money. And if the slave married and had children, the children would automatically become slaves. Cruelty on woman were also the common practice as they did not given any right in education, work etc.

So even Romans had a good government and all the technologies. They had the great artists, scientists etc but they lack the basic rules, the rules of human rights. The rules I want to change, everyone should be equal and have equal rights.


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