How to increase twitter followers

Hello friends, today i want to share my knowledge with you about twitter. As we all know that twitter is one of the most common social network and millions of people use it daily. There is a fact about that an average twitter account has 30 to 40 followers.

Most of the bloggers used twitter, they want to increase the visitors from it. there are many paid method used to increase followers but today i want to let you know a free platform. This is basically give and take.

before you increase your followers, follow my tweets :p

hmm is the place where you get followers All you have to do it follow others they will surely follow you. set up a account there or authorize you already twitter account to this application. Here is the game of seeds once you follow someone some seeds are given to you. these seeds are your keys to get more followers. these seeds are given to others when they follow you. Minimum 2 seeds are offered by a twitter user.

below image tell more clearly about this software.

hope you will like it any suggestions that you have are always welcome.



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