Transformers 3 Weekend Box Office Results

Transformers: Dark of the Moon continues to steamroll the competition worldwide. With the weekend close, day 12 of release, the film has a domestic total of $261 million and international total of $348 million for a worldwide total of $645 million. These stats put Transformers 3 as the highest grossing film in the US of the year. It has a ways to go to pass Pirates 4 international total of $778.9M.Deadline notes that thanks to these numbers, Michael Bay once again will make between $80M to $100M off the third film. With these kinds of numbers, you can see why Bay ultimately chooses to ignore the critics and focus on the numbers.

DOTM earned $47 million in the US box office for a 52% (as expected) compared to last weekend but less than ROTF’s 61%. TF3’s US sales also continues to lag behind TF2’s totals at $261M to $293.4M but the low drop in box office indicates it may be able to make up the difference over time. This will be the last time Transformers 3 is number 1 at the box office as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 takes the spotlight next weekend. Regardless, it is international sales and ability to withstand the Harry Potter onslaught that will determine if this film can break the $1 billion threshold.


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