Basic Drawing tips

hello friends how are you. hope u all are fine and in good health. todays, i want to give some piece of advie on drawing. making a live drawing or sketch is not so diffucult as it seems. good observation is the basic thing. first made a lighter sketch of your object and try to make it according to proportions with other things.

for example if you make a drawing of table and chair both should be in proportions with each other

the most important thing is to make a  3D drawing. always keep in mind this rule . the side from where light falls on object is lighter and opposite side should be darker. try to use the light and dark tones of pencil and not to fill all the shadings just use your pencil in different tones.

i hope you should enjoy more after reading this article on drawing and will made a good drawing than before.

Allah Hafiz and GOD bless you all.


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