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The Mobile Phone Congress from Barcelona, the biggest borough of mobile phone from thee entire world, which takes place every year in the period between 16-19 February, presents the latest mobile phones. More than 1280 of exposits and almost 30 speakers were at this special congress. Among the most expected mobile phones at this Mobile Phone Congress from Barcelona were the ones from Nokia, LG, Samsung and many others.

One of the most intriguing mobile phones presented at this congress was the Nuvifone G60 from Garmin and Asus. Garmin is the global leader of the portable navigation systems and Asus is the leader of portable computers. Nuvifone is an all-in –one device, small which offers all the functions offered by the mobile phone premium including Internet access. This mobile phone will function thanks to the Linux operation system. Among this, there’s also the Hikaru mobile phone from Sony Erickson. This one is considered to be one of the mobile phones with the biggest memory and with one of the most performed foto capacity. This touch screen mobile phone is one of the most attractive terminals from this year.

Nokia has lanced this year three mobile phones: Nokia 5730, Nokia 5330 and Nokia 5030Xpress Radio. These three Nokia mobile phones are centered on the music player’s functionality. These new models have an elegant design and pleasant colors. These Nokia mobile phones from the Xpress Music series will be available on the market in the second part of this year. The prices of the latest Nokia mobile phones will be of $45 without TVA for Nokia 5030, $160 without TVA for Nokia 5330 and $270 without TVA for the most advanced mobile phone, Nokia 5730.

LG occupies the third place in the top of the most important mobile phone producers. The latest mobile phones are effective and the key element of this mobile phone is the design. The star of LG is the LG KM900 Arena, a model which made sensation at this Mobile Phone Congress from Barcelona. This mobile phone has a 3” display which can have 16 million colors. The design and the materials which were used at the realization of these mobile phones are impressive and the technical characteristics come to complete this image. The touch screen is sensitive, there’s no delay and the navigation is fluid.

LG Crystal is probably the most interesting mobile phone which was presented by LG at this congress. It has a special design, a special keyboard which is translucent and which represents something new on this mobile phone market. When you buy this cell phone, the mobile phone company offers you Bluetooth ear phones which match perfectly with this mobile phone. All the most important brands of mobile phones have presented their models at this congress; they have an elegant design and impress us by their multiple functions.


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