iPhone gets a white paint job, poses for some photos

The next-generation iPhone has been said to have a white color version for a long time but a faceplate by itself wasn’t enough to convince us of that. But now we get to enjoy the whole thing wearing white clothes.

iPhone 4G
White faceplate for the next-gen iPhone

The upcoming iPhone (a.k.a. iPhone 4G or iPhone HD) made a bunch of public appearances during the last couple of months but we only had the chance to see it in black. Well, a few days back its bare faceplate in white posed for some shots but it’s actually today’s images we were waiting for.

iPhone 4G
Apple iPhone 4G a.k.a. iPhone HD in white

Unfortunately, there are no shots from the back, only from the front and the side, but we still have the chance to get a sneak peek. There is one more thing worth mentioning about those new pics of the next-gen iPhone: while the frame looked plastic and kind of cheap on the black versions we’ve seen so far, this time it’s nice and shiny (apparently, made of metal).

iPhone 4G
A metallic frame suits the next-gen iPhone much better

Once again, the phone is off so we don’t get to taka a look at the new iPhone OS 4.0 that should be launched along with the next generation of the iPhone.




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