Things you should know about blogging before you make the leap

Being a good writer is one thing and being a good blogger is entirely something else. A good post has more to do with effectively you connect with your readers.

Blogging Requires dedication

 It is very easy to create a blog, but very difficult to maintain it. Creating and sustaining a loyal group of readers also requires effort. Unless you are truly dedicated to your blog, it will die a natural death in a few days.


It all boils down to the following- any internet – related phenomenon will always be a source of great mystery to some. Thus, you need to learn more about it. Making a conscious effort towards acquiring this information will go a long way in helping you embrace that phenomenon – if you are interested in doing so. If you want to be a blogger, first learn everything there is to know about it and don’t from an opinion based on hearsay about blogging is general.



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