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Changes In Islamabad

Since the creation of the capital, insufficient fund have been provided which has stunted the development in all sphere culturally, economically, commercially, recreationally etc. For the past 3-4 year Mr.Kamran Lashari has been appointed as the chairman of CDA and under his supervision i have witnessed quite a lot of changes in the capital.

There is a lot of landscaping being done around here, palm trees have been planted at the Blue Area Avenue which cost usually Rs30,000 and more each. The landscaping in being well maintained through large water tankers and large number of horticulturalist working all the time on it. The city has beautified with the placement of sculpture monuments and fountains on the busiest road crossings. Stress has been laid on cleanliness and busy places like JINNAH SUPER MARKET, MELODY MARKET, SUPER MARKET are always kept clean by workers working till late night.

Most roads have been carpeted and still being completed which make about more than 220km Of road network in city. All the single service lanes around each sector are going to be doubled soon which will ease traffic problems. 3 underpasses have been ordered on the Blue Area Avenue, ie the CHINA CHOWK, MOBILINK CHOWK, AND AMERICAN EXPRESS CHOWK. Plus the road to Chaklala Airbase has been made 6 lane. There is going to be a flyover construction at ZERO POINT and 4 more on the same road to airbase. All the important signals in the city are being equipped with electronic timer traffic lights which are very expenses.

In august 2002 food park was opened for the first time in MELODY MARKET. This has been since then a place to go for most of the residents. A few months back a similar project has been launched to open one in Blue Area Avenue.

The road to PIR SOHA and CAPITAL VIEW POINT have been lighted till the end which is about 14km long and thus has provided access to the top even at the darkest hours of the night. The widening of the road has increased the number of cars transition over the last 2 years.

An open air theatre was completed last year at SHAKAR PARYAN which provides space for large concert to be held. But still there is need for a cinema’s, theatre and exhibition halls for the young generation. The government must look forward to push the private sector in providing some sort of recreational facilities over here.

Last year Mr.Shah Sharabeel came up and performed his play PHANTOM OF THE OPERAH which began a chain reaction of play in the city. I think after every 40-50days we have a new playing going on in the auditoriums which should be visited by visitors from other city to have a look at our culture and way of life. The president has said to make a CULTURAL CENTRE in Islamabad. Let see know when that is going to be constructed.

Although most outsiders would not find such changes so great but living in a small city such changes are good enough as compared to none during the 80’z and 90’s era.I think the government and private sector should do much more than this to bring more life in the capital through cultural and social activities. What could they be….? Do you people living in isloo or anywhere else have suggestion of improvements…..



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